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Local News: Blackjack Billy returns to area in August (7/7/18) | Delta Dunklin Democrat

Blackjack Billy returns to area in August Blackjack Billy members include: Noll Billings, Ian Munsick, Jeff Coplan, and Brad Cummings. Blackjack Billy is bonded together by music � specifically, by the no-holds-barred, good-time, party-down rockin� country that is endearing them to fans internationally. The group first impacted in 2013, when they independently released their first single, �The Booze Cruise,� to digital media. With minimal promotion, the summertime anthem nonetheless won frequent rotation by SiriusXM�s �The Highway,� achieved Platinum certification in Canada, charted #1 in Australia, and became the hottest-selling iTunes song in America by any act without a label deal that year. Fast-forward to 2017, and the band released a fun, upbeat new single titled �How to Get the Girl� featuring Canadian country act, Madeline Merlo. The single showcases the powerful vocals of both BJB lead vocalist Noll Billings and Merlo, while playfully breaking down the right way to �read the signs� and win over a girl in up-tempo, high-energy Blackjack Billy style. This Nashville-based group consists of Noll Billings (vocals), Ian Munsick (vocals, bass guitar), Jeff Coplan (electric guitar), and Brad Cummings (drums), and they came together serendipitously when one of the founding members, Rob Blackledge, decided to leave the band. What seemed at first like a problem turned quickly into an opportunity for both Blackjack Billy and young bass phenomenon Ian Munsick, whom Noll �stole� after watching him perform with Chris Cavanaugh on a cruise. Raised in Kennett, (also home to Sheryl Crow, Trent Tomlinson and David Nail), Noll hightailed to Hawaii after high school and then to the Caribbean before hanging up his surfboard and settling in St. Louis. He built a local following through local club gigs and eventually left for Nashville to score a publishing deal with EMI and pursue bigger dreams.

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